• SliderService of PV plantsWe are the biggest service organization in the Czech Republic.
  • SliderMonitoringWe are monitoring and evaluating the data and the values that are important for the optimal functioning of your PV plant.
  • SliderService of PV invertersOur technicians are trained and certified to service various types of inverters.
  • SliderReferencesIn photovoltaic servicing we use many references and experience obtained at PV plants construction.
  • SliderAbout usFVK Global a.s. is stable and strong partner, who will be here for the lifetime of your photovoltaic power plant.

About Us

FVK Global a.s. is one of the leading service providers for operators of photovoltaic power plants in the Czech Republic, the Slovak Republic and other European countries. FVK Global offers comprehensive service including mainly the daily production monitoring, regular preventive maintenance and inspections of PV plant equipment technology, service interventions to fault elimination of any defects and many other activities. All service activities are provided by a team of trained and certified specialists equipped with the latest technology.

The main goal of company is to achieve the highest level of service during all life of the plants, which will lead to the complete satisfaction of all customers. FVK Global a.s. has a certified quality management system according to ISO 9001:2008 which guarantee the quality and professional services at the market. FVK Global a.s. has prepared and standardized the internal processes and also relationships with the external environment and is constantly working on improving their quality and efficiency.

The main purpose of our company is to increase efficiency and ecological aspects in the production and in the usage of energy, especially from renewable sources.